Saturday, October 7th 6:00 p.m. "A Slice of Life"

These short documentaries explore how unique each of our experiences on this planet can be.

"Gleichgewicht (Keeping Balance)"

Documentary - 5 minutes 15 seconds - Bernhard Wenger - Austria

Denise, a 20 year old girl visits nearly every day the Viennese 'Prater' amusement park to take some rides with the electronic 'Tagada' carousel because it helps her to get over her difficult past.

"Kahled the Immortal"

Documentary - 4 minutes 47 seconds - Robert Duhaime - Canada

Khaled Akkad is a Syrian international student taking 3D Animation at Capilano University. Khaled’s name, which means ‘Immortal’ in Arabic, has served him well – such as the time he used his cunning to escape from Bashar al-Assad’s security forces.

"Safaid Wardi (A Spotless Service)"

Documentary - 4 minutes 31 seconds - Gulzar Nayani - Pakistan

This is the story of Constable Allah Dino, an honest man who revels in keeping his duties as flawless as his crisp white uniform. Rain or shine, Allah Dino takes great pride in keeping his demeanor calm, and the traffic flowing. What makes such a man tick?


Documentary - 3 minutes 37 seconds - Beth Stokes - UK

Promoting a message of body positivity and self-love through the mouthpiece of a drag queen.


Documentary - 7 minutes 9 seconds - Gudmund Sand, Haakon Sand - Norway

Bjørn and Ulf lives in Oslo, Norway. During their eighty years they have spent seventy-nine of them together, and since their early 20s they have been a part of Jehovah´s witnesses. We follow them through their daily life and observe the strong connection they have.

"Jan and Rod"

Documentary - 4 minutes 55 seconds - Shelby Rakestraw - USA

When two teenagers fall in love, not even moving across the world can pull them apart. This is the story of Rodney and Janice DeMott, the small town they're from, the adventure they took, and the small town they returned to.

"Alzheimer's: A Love Story"

Documentary - 16 minutes 24 seconds - Gabe Schimmel, Monica Petruzelli - USA

Alzheimer’s: A Love Story follows Greg and Michael as they struggle with a disease that is actively eradicating the memory of a beautiful relationship 40+ years in the making, and the love that has held them together through it all.