Saturday, October 7th 4:00 p.m. "All in a Day's Work"

Love it or hate it, we spend at least 40 hours a week earning a living. These comedic short films feature a not-so-typical day on the job.

"Silent But Deadly"

Comedy - 7 minutes 14 seconds - Gretchen Butler - USA

A shady con man 'psychic' preys on the emotional devastation of one of his clients, with dire consequences.

"Honestly Charlotte"

Comedy - 5 minutes 58 seconds - Stevie Jackson - Canada

A routine job interview goes sideways when the applicant gets completely honest about what it’s like to be an artist trapped in a corporate cubicle.

"The Lollipop Man"

Comedy - 13 minutes 31 seconds - Danilo Zambrano - Ireland

Liam Timmons, an idiosyncratic lollipop man, lives a rigid lifestyle. When he befriends Monica, a free-spirit substitute teacher, his life is turned upside down.

"State Inspection"

Comedy - 7 minutes 37 seconds - David Smith - USA

An anxious young man tries to talk to a woman he meets while waiting for his car at an auto repair shop.

"A Lotta Life"

Comedy - 14 minutes 3 seconds - Mark Dessauer - USA

When the Angel of Death arrives to bestow a special honor on a sweet elderly couple, they mistake him for a pushy salesman; nevertheless, their time together is threatened.