Saturday, October 7th 2:00 p.m. "Belly Laughs"

These films combine food with laughter. Whether its a cupcake, an awkward dinner, or the hottest tamale on the planet, these films are sure to cause a chuckle or two!

"The Last Tamale"

Comedy - 10 minutes 45 seconds - Jeremy Mowery - USA

A boyfriend's worst nightmare occurs when his girlfriend's mother makes him eat the biggest, spiciest tamale known to man in order to prove himself worthy of her daughter.

"Bringer of War"

Comedy - 7 minutes 45 seconds - Koura Linda - USA

Live action tea time becomes an animated war zone when a vanilla cupcake comes to life, tormenting a diet-determined woman in this short film exploring how we see ourselves as women, how we treat each other and how we make a dangerous world in our efforts to 'help.' Because sometimes you just should just eat the cupcake.


Comedy - 5 minutes 17 seconds - Danilo Zambrano - Ireland

Young Eddie develops a friendship with his breakfast. When his dad suggests drawing a face on a hard boiled egg, his new best friend Wallace is born.

"The Mould and the Maker"

Comedy - 5 minutes 53 seconds - Rick Joaquim, Eilidh Goosen, Waldo Buchner - South Africa

There once was a kind-hearted teacher, who befriended an unlikely creature.

"What Goes Around"

Comedy - 3 minutes 34 seconds - Hans Lachman - Philippines

In this silent short, it's an ordinary day in the cafe until one customer walks out without paying. While the cashier goes after him, his accomplice tries to rob the cafe. How can she cope with these wily, small-time crooks?

"Mister Famous"

Comedy - 10 minutes 8 seconds - Mark Cabaroy - USA

An actor on a well known TV series and his wife has lunch with another couple who doesn't recognize him and has never seen his show.