Saturday, October 7th 12:00 p.m. "Awesome Animation"

From stop motion to live action to hand drawn to computer... These films show off the various forms of the animation art form.


Animation - 3 minutes 15 seconds - Lorène Yavo - Belgium

A traveller finds a mysterious statue and falls under its spell.


Animation - 7 minutes 53 seconds - Radheya Jegatheva - Australia

A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone. This hand drawn animated film is based on the poem 'Seven Billion' written by the film director that won 2 National poetry awards.

"Dumb Straw"

Animation - 1 minute 27 seconds - Akira Harada - Japan

A scarecrow is stealing crops when there is nobody on the farm but the farmer finds out and tries attacking him with a hoe…

"Grow Up"

Stop Motion Animation - 5 minutes - Ken Asada - USA

Follow these action figures as they investigate the death of their good friend Steve.


Animation - 2 minutes 25 seconds - Keisuke Nakazato - Japan

Two colleagues eat at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant. The junior eats and eats and eats the gold plated sushi, and the chef keeps bringing more and more and more. The dishes are piling up and the boss is getting worried.


Animation - 5 minutes 50 seconds - Collin McAtee - USA

After a man realizes he has Alzheimer's Disease, his wife's face begins to disappear, along with the memories of the life they made together.

"Water Colors"

Animation - 1 minutes 48 seconds - Takashi Yoneoka - Japan

When nobody is in a room, tiny water color painters jump onto the canvas. The white watercolor watches them from afar because he has no color.


Live Action with Animation - 4 minutes 4 seconds - Tsuneo Goda - Japan

'To' and 'Kyo' are playing tag in a narrow alley in Yanese, Tokyo. It has been their home town since Tokyo was called Edo. They put a curse on strangers as they are playing. They've done it since a long time ago. Perhaps, Tokyo keep changing because of them.


Animation - 2 minutes 49 seconds - Sara Litzenberger - USA

Sasquatch has always remained elusive in photos--but not for the reasons we think.


Animation - 3 minutes 23 seconds - Tristan Weis - Germany

When an old lady is under attack in her dark basement, an unexpected savior gets her out of trouble. Will her new friend get rid of the other bad guys as well?

"Wake-Up Call"

Animation - 7 minutes 42 seconds - Luke Angus - UK

A new technique has been discovered that allows people to work while they sleep. What starts out as an effective means of escaping the tedium of daily routines soon gets out of hand and starts to put a population into autopilot.