Saturday, October 7th 11:00 a.m. "The Power of Family"

Family is important. Whether the relationship is by blood or by choice, family can be exactly what we need to help us through a difficult situation. These films focus on the conflicts and victories that make each family unique and important.


Family Drama - 4 minutes - Kelly Tran - USA

A newly-English-speaking Asian American woman decides to buy coffee, but the complexities of ordering a drink overwhelm her.

"Searching Skies"

Drama - 8 minute 40 seconds - Vivian Hua - USA

When a Syrian refugee family is invited to a Christian family's house for Christmas dinner, they are caught between opposing viewpoints for and against them -- until an unexpected event suddenly occurs.

"Coming Out to Grandma"

Comedy Drama - 8 minute 13 seconds - Jason Zuidema - USA

Charlie has an awkward time trying to come out to his FOX-news watching, Ellen-hating grandma, who has dementia.

"Growing Alice"

Family Drama - 3 minutes 58 seconds - Danilo Zambrano - Ireland

Told from the point of view of Alice's bedroom mirror, 'Growing Alice' depicts her changing relationship with her mother from the day she's born until her late teens. The film displays the patterns, milestones and nuances in Alice’s life, as she goes through the physical, mental and emotional changes of growing up.


Drama - 28 minutes 54 seconds - Brenna Malloy - USA

Rocket tells a bittersweet fairy tale set in the world of 1950's dirt track racing. With a legacy traditionally passed down from father to son, Annie Pankratz strives to build a destiny all her own.