Saturday, October 7th 1:00 p.m. "Across Time and Space"

Time travel... Teleportation... These films explore traveling through rifts in the time/space continuum.

"Golden Age"

Science Fiction - 15 minutes 34 seconds - Jermey Pair - USA

A blast from the past when modern teen Norma is sent back to the 1940's film 'Morocco', to relive her demented grandmother's golden age of acting.


Science Fiction - 6 minutes 38 seconds - Felipe Vargas Ferrufino - USA

At the end of their ropes, two strangers find themselves in an unusual waiting room.


Science Fiction - 14 minutes 58 seconds - Olga Osorio - Spain

A woman is trapped in a temporal loop that she may not be able to break.

"Wish You Were Here"

Science Fiction - 15 minutes 28 Seconds - DC Evans - USA

Teleportation has replaced all other forms of travel in the U.S. For most everyone, it has been a welcome innovation. However, a rare condition limits Bennett’s ability to teleport. Feeling isolated and alone, he starts a long-distance relationship with the one who got away.