Friday, October 6th 5:00 p.m. "Short Shorts"

It's hard to tell a story in under four minutes, but these filmmakers met the challenge head on.


Animation - 2 minutes 27 seconds - Evelyn Jane Ross - USA

In the beginning of them She created us.

"Chrissy & Koen"

Animation - 1 minute 35 seconds - Spaceship - USA

A less-than-2-minute animated account of a 6-year-old British boy describing Mums.

"Family Camp Anijam III"

Animation - 1 minute 40 seconds - Mari Blanchard - USA

Where's the Decency? Eight members of the animation collective Family Camp create their individual takes on the song by Matt Cascella and James Downes.

"Christopher Walken's Coffee Shop"

Animation - 3 minutes 22 seconds - Leah Dubuc - USA

An animated commercial that was completely improvised by five improvisers as a part of the Famous Lost Works podcast. Christopher Walken has branched out from his very successful acting career to pursue his true passion, creating artisanal coffee beverages and pastries, but be warned his concoctions have more than just meets the eye.

"Showing It All"

Animation - 2 minutes 23 seconds - Lasse Persson - Sweden

A striptease dancer performs a show with confidence and grace. But she has an audience that's hard to please. ANIMATED NUDITY

"Dirty Laundry"

Comedy - 2 minutes 22 seconds - Jaidyn Griffin - USA

Mom can't know what goes on.

"One Bite"

Comedy/Fantasy - 2 minutes 38 seconds - Danilo Zambrano - Ireland

Jake is meeting his girlfriend's parents for dinner. What could go wrong?

"The Pizza Wrangle"

Comedy - 1 minute 36 seconds - Merryn Trescott - USA

Pizza so good you won't let it go.

"One Minute of Resistance"

Documentary - 1 minute - Lucas Wilde - USA

Young English filmmaker Lucas Wilde captures the beauty and pain of the Women's March Protest in this stunning debut one minute film. The film captures the mood, environment and the faces of the Women's March in downtown Los Angeles on the 21st January 2017, the day after Trump's inauguration. As described by feminist activists as 'strong and powerful', the film is close up, visceral and reveals the diversity within peaceful protest, becoming a visual art memento of the transitional epoch in history.

"The Complete Entertainment Package"

Documentary - 3 minutes 7 seconds - Clayton Cantrell - USA

Brian shows us what he has to do to follow his dreams.

"Estate Sale"

Drama - 1 minute - Jason Lamb - Canada

A reflection on the memories people held dear now discarded and disposed of.

"Home of the Brave"

Drama - 1 minute 30 seconds - Kristoffer Haugen - USA

Seina is on her way home from the grocery store when her home is a victim of a deportation raid, leaving her abandoned and alone.

"Love & Goodwill"

Drama - 3 minutes - Kelly Tran - USA

A girl brings a box into Goodwill.


Fantasy - 2 minutes 43 seconds - Angie Violet Hawes - Canada

A girl walks through a winter wonderland.

"The Tug"

Comedy - 1 minute 20 seconds - Nicholas Barker - Australia

Matt and Emma are about to take their relationship to the next level.


Documentary - 1 minute 30 seconds - Megan Zebrowski - USA

In the pursuit of higher profits many American corporations have opted to move their manufacturing operations overseas to take advantage of lower labor and operating costs. But what happens to the Americans left behind?

"Barbie for Adults - Chainsaw"

Comedy - 1 minute 41 seconds - Liri Navon - Israel

A Barbie with no self-esteem is tired of her neighbor waking her up but hates confrontation.


Mystery - 2 minutes 26 seconds - Minkyung Jenna Kim - USA

A man sees a mysterious woman at a laundromat.

"Fruit Salad"

Animation - 1 minute 5 seconds - Amber Taschereau - USA

An in-depth look at a rainbow of common and uncommon fruits.

"Tired Tongues"

Animation - 1 minute 19 seconds - Mari Blanchard - USA

Tired Tongues is an animated film consisting of over five hundred individual Pollack Flavor Co. stickers, originally found in a dumpster and repurposed as animation “frames.” Based on two tankas (a Japanese poetic form) written by David Yockel Jr., the film follows the poem through Brooklyn where the words became a temporary part of the landscape, only to be removed after each photo was taken.


Thriller - 3 minutes - Travis Vetier - USA

The Cycle Continues...